Senate leadership kills Stand Your Ground


We have received word that the Republican leadership in the Minnesota Senate has decided to kill The Defense of Dwelling and Person Act by not bringing it to the Senate floor for a vote.

The Senate leadership did not sacrifice SF 1357 for other priorities. They made a deliberate, political decision to refuse to put the bill on Governor Dayton’s desk.

The Senate leadership was not forced into this retreat by the DFL or anti-gun groups. They decided, unilaterally, to give up on this important civil rights legislation.

The Senate leadership did not run out of time. The Senate doesn’t have to finish before Monday at midnight. They could still hear the bill if the leadership does their job.

Please call and email the Senate leadership NOW, and respectfully demand that the bill get an immediate hearing.

You might also want to email and call your own senator, especially if he/she is a Republican, with the same message.

Tell them that Minnesota gun owners vote — and that they have very long memories.

Author: Rob Doar

Senate leadership kills Stand Your Ground