Selling A Firearm

Selling a Firearm?

Because of restrictions on who may own a firearm and requirements in different states, Blue Line Defense recommends that you process any firearms transactions at a Federal Firearms Dealer. However, if the laws in your state don’t require using a Federal Firearms Dealer to complete the transfer, you should at least do some research on the person to whom you are selling the firearm. In addition, we recommend that you always complete a Bill of Sale, available here.

The Internet is a great resource. Most state’s have public records online where you can run a search of a person’s name and find out criminal history. In Minnesota, you can use the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s Public Criminal History Offender Search as well as the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

For more information, visit the ATF FAQ Page

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you follow ALL state, local and federal laws.