Use of Force in Minnesota

Reasonable Force

Minnesota Statute 609.06 outlines one’s right to use “reasonable force” upon another when resisting or aiding another to resist an offense against that person.

Deadly Force

Minnesota Statute 609.065 outlines the use of deadly force. You are not authorized to use deadly force unless you reasonably believe that it was necessary to resist or prevent great bodily harm or death.

It is very important to remember that case law has added three additional rules, for a total of four rules that must be followed.

1. Reasonably in fear of death or great bodily harm for yourself or another.
2. Must have reluctantly entered the conflict.
3. Must have no reasonable means of retreat.
4. No lesser force will suffice to stop the threat.

Minnesota Statute 609.056 also provides a separate rule for the use of deadly force when in our “place of abode.” Place of abode refers to your actual dwelling and does not include your land, detached garage, storage shed, etc. This section states that deadly force is allowable “when preventing the commission of a felony” in our home, however, case law has confirmed that the reasonable rule in 609.06 also applies here.


The Aftermath

In the aftermath, you must call 911! It is critical that you report the incident and it is your obligation to seek medical attention if someone is injured!

In addition to calling 911, you should call your attorney. We recommend contacting Marc Berris. Marc has extensive experience in representing firearms owners. Click here for more information on Marc.

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