Help Blue Line Defense Grow – Mission Small

A new program sponsored by Chase and Living Social is giving entrepreneurs a chance to compete for $250,000 in small business grants. The competition requires them to show the general public as well as small-business mentors that they could put the money to good use. Blue Line Defense has entered the program in hopes of being able to bring their innovative training programs to more people—private citizens and law enforcement personnel—to create a more educated and safe society.

As an organization they have worked to bridge the gap between training that has been
exclusively available for law enforcement and bring this knowledge to the general public. Blue
Line Defense was founded by two active police officers and employs a number of instructors
with military and law enforcement backgrounds, who bring real world experience into the
classroom with a unique prospective.

Through the adaptation of law enforcement training tools, techniques and scenarios, Blue Line
Defense has created dynamic programs that even the most novice student can employ in real
world settings. They believe that safety and responsibility are the two most import factors in
both the training environment and real world situations their students may encounter.

Blue Line Defense has made it a priority to give back to the community by offering free classes
to victims of violent crimes and to those that cannot afford them. If awarded grant money, they
would be able to continue to expand this offering to many others in need. “We believe that
investing in the community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support us;”
Terry Pretzloff, co-founder of Blue Line Defense said. “We know we can make a great impact on
our communities by supporting causes that are important to us and our customers.” They also
plan to partner with organizations such as the Boy Scouts, 4H and youth firearms safety groups
to promote the proper and safe use of firearms amongst our youth.

The grant money would also help the organization open a firearms range and all-inclusive
training center in the metro area. “Our goal is to provide the most realistic training possible
in order to best prepare our students for the potential encounters they may face in the real

Here is how you can help support Blue Line Defense’s vision of a safer, well-educated community:

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3. Scroll to the bottom and search “Blue Line Defense” in Minnesota
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Help Blue Line Defense Grow – Mission Small