Coaching & Range Time

About the Course

With one-on-one coaching from certified firearms instructors, this offer from Blue Line Defense also gets you handgun rental, ear and eye protective gear, and targets to help track your progress. Many students benefit from one-on-one training after taking a Minnesota Permit to Carry class. Whether you’re hoping to help steady your aim, nail down basic safety, or sharpen your personal defense skills, Blue Line’s experienced staff can help you hit the mark and feel confident with your firearm.

With this one-on-one coaching session, the sky is the limit! Schedule your lesson today! You must have a Living Social voucher for this course.

To schedule a lesson, contact one of the instructors below based on your geographic location.

Cambridge & Circle Pines

Rob Doar
(612) 424-3700 ext 7


Matt Wyatt
(612) 424-3700 ext 6

Burnsville & Prior Lake

Mark Okern
(612) 424-3700 ext 8