Defensive Handgun 1
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A great class to take after taking one of our MN Permit to Carry classes, this course introduces the fundamental skill set necessary for the use of a handgun in self-defense situations. Learning how to utilize a handgun as a true defensive weapon increases the student’s chance of survival and success in a life or death situation. You will learn fundamentals on the range using both dry-fire and live-fire drills. We break the fundamentals down one by one to help you smoothly and easily build your confidence and skills. After you master the fundamentals, you will work on a wide variety of real world, scenario-based firearms training drills. These include different types of reloads, malfunctions, multiple targets, defensive shooting, and incorporating some movement and shooting. This class runs approximately 6 hours, most of which will be spent on the firing range.
Topics Covered
  • Safety Brief
  • Defensive Mindset
  • Equipment Selection and Placement
  • Handgun Fundamentals
  • In-depth Discussion and Assessment of Grip and Stance
  • Safe Methods of Drawing from the Holster and Presenting the Handgun
  • Balance of Speed and Accuracy
  • Defensive Shooting Techniques
  • Emergency and Tactical Reloading
  • Malfunction Clearance
  • Introduction to Dynamic Movement
Required Equipment
  • A functional and practical handgun (9mm .40 or .45 recommended)
  • 3 magazines
  • Holster
  • 200 Rounds of ammunition
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing
  • An open mind
Provided Equipment
  • All course materials
  • Targets
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
Optional Equipment
  • Spare handgun
  • Water hydrating device
  • Baseball style hat
  • Handgun cleaning kit
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